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Tailor-made 4-6 month programs for later-stage startups to scale their businesses beyond development.

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Microsoft Accelerator Alumni

The technical support was unbelievable. We had to get into a new field - machine learning - and we had no background. We got a technical advisor who brought another expert with him and spent hours with us. We learned new things that ended up changing our strategy and our offering.

Eran Huberman | Head of R&D, Udobu

“One thing that was really surprising, in a wonderful way, is how Microsoft is really embracing startups, and our startup, even though we are not using only Microsoft technology. They have openly embraced the fact that we are using open source technologies, and it’s been so wonderful that when we engage with the product teams, we are seeing how Microsoft, as a company, is moving."

Mark Hirsch | CEO & Founder, OpenHour

There aren't a lot of people in these 2 buildings (Microsoft) that we didn't meet with. Whenever we needed something we got it and fast! We had a question about pricing - the next day we got to meet a pricing expert that worked with us.

Amir Adamov | Co-founder & CEO, Fringify

The mentorship worked better than we could have expected. The dedication from everyone was unreal. The help with UX was amazing. It helped us move forward in a way we never could on our own.

Ohad Shperling | Co-founder & CEO, Personalics

“Being here in the accelerator is actually a huge opportunity for any entrepreneur that comes in.”

Dorin Rosenshine | CEO & Co-Founder, Outleads

Attending Microsoft Ventures is the best seal of approval in Israel. The program is the best platform to allow you to focus and work, not just learn. Biggest value was getting the seal of approval that comes with the name "Microsoft". Everywhere we go it opens doors for us. This is the type of credit that young companies really need.

Liyam Flexer | CEO, Get Job

The value we got was from having amazing connections. Even if we needed something that Microsoft couldn't provide, they knew who to connect us with for the service.

Lior Sarid | CPO, Get Job

Just what you need when you need it, tailor made and right for your company so you can focus and take your next step.

Asaf Barkan | Co-founder & CEO, Skyformation


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