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London Calling – MV London Now Accepting Applications

Silicon Valley is still the symbolic capital of the tech world, but the industry continues to grow and become truly global in scope. Today entrepreneurs and investors are looking across the pond to the rising tech hub, London, where Microsoft Ventures is now accepting applications from eligible startups!

As anybody in the London tech scene will tell you, business is booming.

From 2009 to 2012, the number of technology companies in London increased by 76%. During that same period, the tech sector in London grew by nearly 17% and accounted for an incredible 27% of the city’s job growth. The numbers don’t lie: London has become a hotbed for tech startups and is on the crest of the next wave of global innovation.

One reason: the sheer size and scale of London, which has been a center for global business for centuries. London is bloody huge,and it’s loaded with every manner of business you can imagine.

“With its sheer diversity of businesses […] London definitely has an edge over Silicon Valley,” says Entrepreneur Country. “Startups in the Capital don’t need to go far to find other small business owners and entrepreneurs, or likewise large enterprises, whose feedback can be invaluable in helping to develop new products and services.”

While London hasn’t seen the rise of a monolith like Facebook or Twitter (yet), it’s an absolutely huge magnet for talent from Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa… basically all over the world. As an international business hub and the gateway to Europe, London has access to a wide array of experience and talent. Tech businesses don’t have to look far to find staff who are fluent in foreign languages or who have business experience in emerging markets.

Every day, Microsoft Ventures is committed to supporting startups and ecosystems worldwide by providing the resources, tools, and access to succeed. The London Accelerator is no different.

To give you an idea of the momentum coming from our London cohorts: Caribu was mentioned in the recent Apple keynote, Dataloop raised £480k Gateway landed an Xbox dashboard documentary about their new game; SAM Labs hit and passed its Kickstarter target in less than 3 days. And that’s just the past few months…

Is your startup breaking new ground, disrupting the industry, or doing something surprising and new?  If your company focuses particularly in the areas of Internet of Things, FinTech, games, machine learning, cybersecurity, enterprise solutions, or consumer apps, you should consider throwing your hat into the ring and joining the Microsoft Ventures London accelerator.

Applications are open until 5th January 2015, but don’t wait! Complete your application sooner rather than later, so we have the time get to know you and your company. Applications are being accepted worldwide. Our current batch features startups from Japan, Italy, Belgium as well as Irish and Scottish.

What are you waiting for? London is calling!

Good luck! Apply here.