@cceler8 is Microsoft Accelerator India's initiative to help startups by creating a single window process which allows them to access various programs under Microsoft and its partners at one go. The application is open throughout the year and the screening team keeps evaluating the startups and recommending them to the programs which suit the startups' need best at their present growth stage.

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      Frequently Asked Questions/ Things you should know

      What are the start and end dates of application process?

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      @cceler8 application process is open throughout the year. Whenever we and our partners start evaluating startups for the next cohort, our screening team identifies and recommends the startups who fit the parameters of the program and are in the right place to make the best use of it to the program managers. If shortlisted, the program managers reach out to the startup to discuss next steps.


      To know which program is starting their next cycle soon, check the timeline section above. 

      What kind of startups can apply?

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      Any tech or tech enabled startup is eligible to apply through @cceler8, provided they are able to furnish the mandatory information required in the form.

      There are different programs designed for different stages in a startup's journey. Whether you are early stage or few months away from raising Series A, we have something to offer you!

      Can we understand what do you mean by later stage startups?

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      Later stage startups are the companies who have already a product out in market with significant number of clients and strong market presence. Funding is however not a qualifying parameter but generally it will be the pre series A onwards startups. Usually, these startups will be looking at GTM opportunities to scale up during the program.

      We did not find a ‘Submit’ button. How will we know if the application is submitted?

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      You will find a ‘Save’ button at the end of the application page, saving the details are sufficient for the application to be taken. Application is a rolling process, all the applicant’s details can be updated and will be considered for all Microsoft and partner programs in the later batches as well.

      Can we sit at our home location and be a part of the program?

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      Each program has different requirements from the participating startups. Please visit the program's website to know about them.

      For our in-house program, Scale Up and Hi-Po, you can visit the Program FAQ page to know more.

      How can I apply for @cceler8?

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      You can go to our F6S applications page through the apply buttons in this page

      Can you share details of the selection process?

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      Once you apply to @cceler8, the data is periodically screened by our team, for each program as per the parameters set by them. The program managers receive the list of the startups recommended by the @cceler8 team. After this point, each program manager further evaluates the recommended startups and reaches out to the ones who are best suited for their program.

      When do we hear from you?

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      You don't. Once the recommendations has been made to the program managers, they do further due diligence and reach out to the startups who are shortlisted for next phase of their selection process. @cceler8 team isn't involved in the next phase of selection process and therefore doesn't have access to the ongoing developments.

      I haven’t started to implement my idea, can we apply too?

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      Yes, we encourage all kinds of startups to apply. We have programs for the early stage startups too. But in most cases, there are some minimum criteria which must be met. Even if you don't hear from one of the program managers, keep the application updated with latest developments, so they can reach out whenever there is a fit.

      The application form is too long. Can I just send my business deck over email?

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      We understand that this process requires a lot of patience and time from your end, but considering we have multiple programs with different parameters, we need to have as much information about your startup as possible. This helps our screening team to make sound recommendations to program managers.


      and hey, its still better than filling up 5-6 different application forms for as many accelerators as we offer through @cceler8! :)

      I have a question which isn't addressed in this FAQ. Where do I ask it?

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      Well, there is a forum for @cceler8 in our F6S page (https://www.f6s.com/mventuresin/discuss) where you can ask your questions and also connect with other applicants. Chances are that someone else has already asked it there and we are in process of updating this FAQ to include it.


      You can also tweet to us at @msa_ind


      Note that if you question is regarding one of the programs under @cceler8, you might want to check the program's FAQ before reaching out.

      Can I drop by at the Accelerator to meet someone and understand more?

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      Unfortunately, we do not have bandwidth to facilitate individual meetings before shortlisting stage. But we are always talking to the startups through our social channels, and host open events where you can interact with us.

      and we are Done! Ready to @ccele8? Apply