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      1 year of free software, developer tools, support, and FREE Azure Cloud Services to build apps and scale your business.

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      Microsoft Accelerator

      Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It requires vast knowledge, drive, agility, strong conviction and a passion that burns inside and pushes you forward. We are here to make the journey a bit easier by offering a tailor made program for later-stage startups like yours who are looking to grow and scale their business. We provide the support and resources necessary to building a sustainable company and scaling up every aspect the business: CEO coaching, team culture development, recruiting talent, creating distribution channels with global Fortune 500s, learning how to work with big corporates and developing new markets. We also provide support for marketing, finance and tech. 


      The accelerators are located in startup hubs around the world, including Bangalore, Beijing, Berlin, London, Paris, Seattle, and Tel Aviv.


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      Microsoft Accelerator Alumni Program

      The Microsoft Accelerator Alumni Program is a global startup community. As accelerator program alumni, startups will continue to leverage access to resources, networks, and potential customers.

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      Customer Access Program

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